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Scope 67
Oscilloscope & Nixie clocks & kits

2AP1 scope clock
Scope 67 Scope 67
This picture shows the 2AP1 running the twenty-four hour digital program created by oz2cpu. In order to do this, you need the chip programmed with his firmware and it has to be exchanged for mine. I have a youtube available demonstrating the method to exchange the chip. Add the chip to a 2" scope clock for $20. Battery backup included !
Scope 67
This is a 3JP11. The fast blue phosphor is a rare crt color. youtube of it

This is a VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) underlit with the blue leds and using green leds for colons. This is the prototype using IV-12 tubes, I use IV-11 tubes (solder-in) coated with blue and blue led colons for the final version.
youtube of the IV-11 version running
Scope 67 Scope 67

This is a new variation of the Nixie Cube, where I use IN-16 nixies and a design like the six-digit Nixie clock with a removable shroud and blue leds. This is the prototype.
Scope 67 Scope 67
Scope 67 Scope 67

This is the square crt 6LO1i, it is the smallest crt that can still display the analog clock face. It is backlit with a blue led. The screen is touch-sensitive, touching it moves the display a little : )
Scope 67 Scope 67
Battery backup included !
Scope 67 Scope 67
Scope 67 Scope 67
An oscilloscope clock built with a 2FP7 crt (blue-yellow phosphor)
Scope 67 Scope 67
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