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VFD clock kit for IV-11 VFD tubes shown built in a homemade enclosure (not included in kit)

VFD clock kit with RGB leds.
6 Digit IV-11 VFD Clock
Buy the VFD clock assembled in homemade enclosure as shown for $235 + shipping
Youtube of the VFD clock

The VFD clock kit for IV-11 VFD tubes

The kit I have available is the six VFD tubes, two professionally made pc boards and the components to populate them, including the ICs and the preprogrammed microcontroller written with my firmware. The boards can be stacked as in the builds shown above. I supply the instructions for assembly and a parts list with the board and components. Works really well with V-11 VFD tubes. Email me at: Howchon@hotmail.com for docs. Click the links below to open the files individually. Price = $155 + shipping. The RGB leds are new, an option that allows selected color changes of the underlighting leds. Below is a link to Sphere Research, they have many types of Nixie tubes and other vintage electronics for sale.

The Boards

The Kit
VFD Boards VfdKitLayout
Buy the kit now for $155 + shipping (calculated at checkout) optional with enclosure for $205
VFD4 kit options
The board connects to U.S.(120VAC) or other (240VAC), and it works really well with the IV-11 VFD tubes. Please send me an email if you want to inspect the details and I will email you back with the zip file attached.
Assembly Instructions For VFD4

Click here to visit Sphere Research to find Nixies and other vintage electronics for sale.
Parts List For VFD4
Instructions for VFD4
How to bend the leads of the RGB leds
How to bend the leads for small blue leds

Kit built VFD clock
Excellent build of the full kit!
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