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DG7-32 scope clock
A Clockwork Orange in Neon

Welcome to the home page of:
Oscilloscope Clocks
Nixie Clocks
Email me at: howchon@hotmail.com I accept paypal, money orders and personal checks. I can also accept credit cards through the "buy now" buttons.
Check out the Now available:
Scope Clock Kit Nixie Clock Kits
My ebay username is al-truism. I sell on ebay, Etsy, Tindie and Amazon. All of the clocks shown are examples of available orders.
I am on youtube as: Howchon. Please check out the videoclips of these and other clocks running. Typical lead time is 1-2 weeks. Please contact me to place an order. DG7-32 scope clocks may take longer due to the scarcity of the crts. SO = special order, please email me.
Youtube showing some capabilities The oscilloscope clock above is my latest design. It uses an analog circle generator to draw the display from continuous circles, arcs and lines. This is different from my original design that draws the display from vectors or points. This CRT is a DG7-12C.
Youtube The Nixie clock above is my latest design. It uses IN-12A/B nixie tubes, and there are several options for different levels of kits from pc boards & chips only for $52 to complete with tubes and enclosure for $185.
Buy Now price for the DG7-12C scope clock  = $350 + shipping . Buy the assembled IN12A/B nixie clock now for $235 + shipping
Please scroll down to view the gallery.
 These oscilloscope clocks display an analog face for ten seconds and then a digital face for ten seconds. This helps to reduce the "burn-in" that otherwise will inevitably occur on crts displaying the same image for too long. Many of the parts are recycled from used electronics, which makes them kind of "green". The base and shroud are homemade from plexiglass. These scope clocks have a "shifter" that will move the display on the screen slightly every 6 seconds. Also, the display alternates every ten seconds between analog and digital. This helps to greatly reduce the burn in that can result from the display staying in the same spot continuously. The Nixie clocks are "faders", which means when the numbers are changing, the number that's going is dimmed while the number that's coming is brightened. This produces a "morphing" effect that kind of makes them appear to melt into the next one. The oscilloscope clocks are user programmable with preset sleep / wake mode, which will turn the display on and off at preset times automatically, while still keeping time, thus conserving the crt usage and extending its lifespan. The Nixie clocks also have this feature, as well as a calendar with leap years until 2100 and a rudimentary alarm. Everything is homemade and built by hand, not a commercial product.
  All of the cases for these clocks are homemade. The base is a 1/4" plexiglass and the shroud is 1/8" plexiglass thermoformed. The shroud just sits loose on top of the base; it is not attached. Obviously, user descretion is advised.
  International buyers please note: The newly redesigned board can be set for 240VAC as well as for 120VAC (U.S. standard) electric service. The firmware will automatically set for 50HZ or 60HZ on startup.
Please click on the arrows for other views
6 Digit IN-14 Nixie Clock
6Loi1 Scope Clock
Battery backup & gps module included !
Six digit Nixie clock using IN14 (Soviet) Nixies and underlit by RGB leds for user selected colors. The led colors can also be mixed. Kit for this clock !
Buy Now price = $275 + shipping.
Micro-mini Oscilloscope clock using the Soviet 6Loi1 crt, this is the smallest that can still display the analog face (backlit by blue led)
Buy Now price = $235 + shipping.
youtube with RGB (color change) leds youtube of it running
IN-18 Nixie clock
Mini Oscilloscope clock using 2AP1 crt IN-18 Nixie clock with RGB led underlighting and battery backup.
Battery backup included !
Buy it now for $235 + shipping.
youtube of it running
Buy it now for $650 + shipping
youtube of it running
Scope 98
This is a 6LO2A. The fast blue phosphor is a rare crt color. Only have a few of these available. Buy Now $500 Mini Oscilloscope clock w/ DG7-6 CRT. $300 + shipping. Please look at the Clocks page for more photos.
Battery backup included !
Battery backup included !
youtube of it running youtube of it running
Scope 90
The Soviet 3Lo1i, a 1" crt. Buy it now for $225 + shipping. Micro-mini analog oscilloscope clock. This is the new design creating the display from an analog circle generator as in the new design featured above.
youtube of it running
youtube of it running
alphanumeric VFD clock
Blue/Yellow phosphor scope clock
Alphanumeric VFD clock using IV-17 / IV-4 vfd tubes. Battery backup included ! This VFD clock can also display a text message which can be entered from your device. Please see the demo: here.
This clock is available in kit form for $175 here.
Oscilloscope clock using yellow/blue phosphor, leaves an afterimage for a second when the display changes. Buy it now for $300 + shipping.
Battery backup included !
youtube of it running youtube of it
Scope49 Scope58
Mini Oscilloscope clock using DG7-32 crt with flourescent blue shroud Oscilloscope clock using 5" 5UP1 crt $400 + shipping
Battery backup included !
youtube of it running youtube of it running
6 digit Nixie clock ZM570s
Scope 67
Battery backup included !

Six digit Nixie clock using ZM570 (normal "5") Nixies and underlit by RGB leds for user selected colors. The led colors can also be mixed. $285 + shipping
Battery backup included !

The IN12A/B Nixie clock with user selected led underlighting and GPS module.
$235 + shipping.
youtube of it running
Scope 67
VFD clock with user selected RGB led underlighting. Mini Nixie clock using IN-16 Nixies (on the left) or 5750's (or similar) with removable shroud.
$200 + shipping.
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