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A new line of tube amps for guitar & bass

The Howchon5F1, a clone of the classic amp. It is built on a 5F1 chassis and will fit the cabinet designed for it. It has a 6N6C preamp and a 5U4C rectifier and a 6N6 for a power tube. The power transformer is toroidal, which generates a much smaller magnetic field than a standard type, and this means less chance of EMI to the signal which I believe improves the sound quality.

The Howchon5F1, suitable for guitar.

The tubes: 6N6C, 5U4C & 6N6.
Howchon5F1 tube amp 6N6C 5U4C 6N6
Buy now for $240 + shipping (calculated at checkout)
Chimey Guts.
Full volume distortion.
Tone treble.

This is a clone of the bassman 5F6A. It drives the two 6N6's through a pre-amp and phase inverter, and is built from the chassis and transformers from a hammond organ amp. Two inputs, volumes, and treble, bass and mids controls, as well as presence control. Suitable for guitar or bass.

The Howchon5F6A

Tubes are a 5U4, two 6N6's, 6N6C for tone stack & phase inverter, 12AV7 preamp.
TubeAmp13(10) TubeAmp13(15)
Buy now for $450 + shipping (calculated at checkout)
Not a guitarist just a demo. TubeAmp10(3)
Guitar demo.
"Where to start....this is an amazing amp. Dead quiet when idling, opens up and sings when it needs to. My test bed is to run my computer through a 10 channel guitar equalizer, then to the amp and into an 8X10 cabinet. I know, overkill. But the 8 10 speakers don't lie. It either sounds good - or not. Y*****t**e music files come to life through this combination. Howard is, in my opinion, an electronic wunderkind, severely underrated and worthy of much praise. Happy that I could score this amp."

"Hi Howard '' got the amp today must have sent it lightning fast express '' everything was perfect no issues at all ' amp looks great and man it really does play good and loud too ' it does work awesome with pedals as i tried several delay' reverb ' distortion ' synthesizer . chorus and on and on etc. they all worked really nice ' the amp itself is like you say is very quiet and i tried out six different guitars with multiple pickups all worked very nice i know you say its sort of a bassman but i've never used a bassman so i cant really compare it to it being a clone nor can tell what you redesigned to make it your own or as you put it your own twist but i have to this one is a winner as i played it for about 6 hours total thru out the day and enjoyed it very much ' i will be building a cab for it so it can be well protected and the hopes to keep it working for many years and yes it will be well ventilated also wanted to ask do the tubes need any special attention to like biasing etc or anything to watch out for as far as the rest of the circuit as im just asking since i dont have any maintenance warning info etc. anyways totally awesome dude fine job thanks for everything ' anthony"

"This little amp really sings! I hooked this amp up to an 8" jensen special speaker, and... WOW! I am so impressed with the thick, lush tone! I have a cabinet on order, and once I get it all together I'm sure it will sound even better. For the quality of workmanship and components, this was a real bargain. I highly recommend it as a medium to high gain small amp."

Below are some previously sold amps.
Howchon5F6A tube amp Howchon5F6A
Howchon5F1 tube amp Howchon5F1
Howchon5F1 tube amp Howchon5F1
Howchon5F1 tube amp Howchon5F1
Howchon5F1 tube amp Howchon5F1)
Howchon5F6A(1) tube amp Howchon5F6A(2)
Howchon5F6A tube amp Howchon5F6A
Howchon5F6A tube amp Howchon5F6A
Howchon5F6A tube amp Howchon5F6A

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